Chicago, Illinois

About Us

Krystal always had a love & passion for beautiful accessories & apparel.  Throughout the years, she’s been asked where she shops for her fashion and  accessories. This led her to assisting family and friends on choosing the best apparel and accessories that would influence their wardrobe.  Krystal pulls inspiration from her travels, music, art, and when she’s at local textile and jewelry fairs. She enjoys the fact that people can express themselves individually through fashion and accessories.

In deciding to take her passion to another level and start her brand, Influential’s online accessory & apparel boutique was launched.

Influential believes that every woman & man are unique in their own way, and worthy of the spotlight. Our customers are Influencers that aren’t afraid to take risk. Our mission is to provide you with an exquisite selection of accessories & apparel to do just that.


“Be an Influencer and live life to the fullest.”

– Krystal-